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Our IPTV services offer unparalleled device compatibility, ensuring a smooth experience across a multitude of platforms. This includes comprehensive support for Apple's range of products like iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs, alongside extensive compatibility with various Android devices, including phones, tablets, and specialized TV boxes like the NVIDIA SHIELD. We also cater to Amazon's Fire Stick TV users, broadening our reach.
Our service's compatibility with such a wide array of devices guarantees that a large customer base can easily access our IPTV services, making the user experience both versatile and convenient, regardless of their chosen device.
Additionally, our reseller program presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. As a reseller, you can start your business immediately, with the flexibility to set your prices. You'll purchase credits to sell IPTV accounts to your customers, with the potential to earn 100% profit on sales.

Our Night Resellers program offers comprehensive solutions and support to assist you in launching and growing your business. This model not only empowers resellers but also ensures they are well-supported as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey.





Our IPTV service offers an expansive selection of entertainment options to cater to a wide range of preferences and interests. Our platform features over 7000+ live channels, encompassing a variety of genres including sports, movies, and kids' channels, along with pay-per-view events. For those interested in adult content, we provide a dedicated selection as well.
In addition, to live channels, our service boasts a substantial library of over 1000+ movies and TV shows available on-demand. This vast collection ensures that our customers have access to a diverse array of viewing choices, ranging from the latest blockbusters to beloved classics and everything in between.
We aim to provide a comprehensive entertainment package that meets the needs of every member of the family, ensuring that there's always something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're a sports fanatic, movie buff, or looking for family-friendly content, our service is designed to cater to all your entertainment needs.



Reseller Panel
Our reseller program empowers participants with a personalized management panel, a sophisticated tool designed to give resellers full control over their customer accounts. This intuitive panel is a one-stop solution for managing all aspects of your IPTV reseller business.
With this panel, resellers can effortlessly create both free trial and paid accounts for their customers, providing flexibility and ease in onboarding new users. The functionality extends to account management, allowing resellers to enable or disable accounts as needed. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining high-quality customer service and managing subscriptions effectively.
Our aim is to provide resellers with a seamless and efficient way to manage their business, ensuring they have all the necessary tools at their disposal to run their operations smoothly. This panel is a testament to our commitment to supporting our resellers in every aspect of their business journey.


Embarking on a reseller journey with our IPTV service offers a swift and straightforward path to entrepreneurship. The moment you become a reseller, you're equipped to commence sales immediately, making it an ideal opportunity for those eager to dive into the business world without delay.
As a reseller, you'll initially acquire a specified amount of credits. These credits are the currency within our system, allowing you to create and sell IPTV accounts to your customers. One of the key benefits of our model is the autonomy it offers – you have the freedom to set your own pricing. This flexibility empowers you to tailor your business strategy to your specific market, maximizing profitability.
Our business model is uniquely designed to enable resellers and owners to retain 100% of the profits from their sales. This approach ensures that the effort you put into your business directly translates into your earnings.
To support your venture, our Night Resellers program provides a range of solutions and support services. This includes guidance on best practices, marketing strategies, and technical support, all aimed at helping you establish and grow your business effectively. This comprehensive support system is a testament to our commitment to the success of our resellers, ensuring you have the necessary tools and resources at your disposal.

Night Resellers is a trusted IPTV service provider for resellers. 

Biggest IPTV Collection

With over 6500 channels from 26 countries, plus 800 24/7 channels and 50 Adult channels, we are the undisputed champion among IPTV providers.

PPV events like NFL, NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, WWE, MMA, Boxing are all included and delivered in HD format.

Your own DNS so it appears this is your own service.
Unlimited 24-hour free trial.
Free EPGs are included.

VODs & TV Series

We deliver what your clients need. A huge library collection of VODs and TV Series is available to resellers. With 16000 VODs and 600 TV Series updated daily, we bring endless entertainment to everyone.

We only stream the highest quality VODs & TV Series

All latest movies & TV Shows are included.
Contents are updated every day.
Streaming VODs and TV Series in HD only.

Why Night Resellers?

 Reliability is what we offer.
Fast customer service and live chat via discord.
Full access to reseller panel.
Custom DNS so it appears you are selling from your own IPTV service.
You can create an unlimited free trial.



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Lisa A.

Bringing IPTV magic to my neighborhood, and the love is real! With Genuine IPTV, I've traded tech troubles for triumphs. Best. Decision. Ever.

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James B.

My neighborhood's hooked on the IPTV I offer, thanks to Genuine IPTV! No more tech headaches for me – just pure, hassle-free entertainment. Smart move? Absolutely.

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Katie S.

Transforming neighborhood screens with Genuine IPTV, and the applause is loud! Ditching technical glitches for effortless streaming was my brightest move yet.

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